Drainage Policy

East Area Storm Drainage Master Plan; Elk Grove, California; Harris & Associates for City of Elk Grove; Project Manager for the preparation of a storm drainage master plan for a roughly 8 square mile area.  Project included reconnaissance, hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, preparation of drainage guidelines, formulation of a storm drainage infrastructure plan, public participation and cost estimates.

Interim Floodplain Management Policies for the Tortolita Alluvial Fan; Pima County, ArizonaPima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District Preparation of drainage design policies for development in a 100 square-mile area northwest of Tucson, Arizona.

Livingston Storm Drainage Master Plan; Livingston, California; Harris & Associates for the City of Livingston; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan update area (about 12 square miles).  Work included hydrology, hydraulics, establishment of drainage guidelines, storm drainage infrastructure planning, joint-use facility guidelines and presentations, public involvement, and impact fee (AB 1600) analysis.

Manual of Standards for Design of Joint-Use Stormwater Detention Facilities; Sacramento County, California; Sacramento County Water Resources Division.  Project Manager/Principal for preparation of a standards manual pertaining to the incorporation of recreation and water quality elements as a joint-use within stormwater detention facilities.  Facilitated several agency workshops and consensus building sessions.  The completed document comprises Volume IV of the overall City/County drainage manual.

Modesto Storm Drainage Master Plan; Modesto, CA; City of Modesto.  Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of a storm drainage master plan, including hydrology, hydraulics, GIS applications, CIP infrastructure planning and cost estimates, updating of City design standards, CEQA processing and staff training regarding the use of hydrologic and hydraulic models.

Pima County Floodplain Management Ordinance No. 1985 FCS; Pima County, Arizona. Member of a special committee established to modify and revise the floodplain management ordinance.

Pine Creek Stability Analysis; Lassen County, California; U.S. Forest Service and Jones and Stokes Associates.  Preparation of a study to address channel geomorphology and provide remedial recommendations for a 13 mile disturbed reach of Pine Creek, the primary tributary system draining to Eagle Lake.  Study examined the effects of several man-made features upon channel stability, including highway crossings, railroad crossings, diversion channels and levees, county roads, and abandoned railroad grades.  These effects were measured against evaluations of the natural stream geomorphology and fish migration/spawning requirements to allow for the development of recommendations to improve the functional status of the Pine Creek watershed.

Sierra Vista Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Drainage Design Manual; Sierra Vista, Arizona; City of Sierra Vista.  Project Manager for 25-year, 50-year, and 100-year discharge determinations, hydraulic evaluation of major flooding sources, and preparation of a drainage design manual for adoption by the City.

Storm Drainage Joint-Use Basin Study; Modesto, California; City of Modesto. Project Principal for a Standards and Criteria Manual to assist the City in creating policy regarding the development of joint-use storm water detention/retention systems that incorporate recreation elements.  The effort included evaluations of joint-use opportunities for existing and proposed park sites as well as linear systems along drainage channels.  In developing the manual, a series of public workshops were held to solicit input from City Staff, elected officials, the development community, and the general public.

Tortolita Basin Management Study; Pima County, Arizona; Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District. Project Principal for floodplain management study and plan for a 100 square-mile alluvial fan/piedmont area northwest of Tucson.  The study examined existing flooding conditions, proposed drainage and flood control improvements, provided cost estimates and recommended guidelines for regulation of development within the area.

Tracy Storm Drainage Master Plan; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Project Manager for the preparation of the City’s 1994 and 2012 Storm Drainage Master Plans for the Sphere of Influence (approximately 100 square miles). Projects included reconnaissance, hydrology, hydraulics, infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis and environmental review support.

Patterson Storm Drainage Master Plan; Patterson, California; City of Patterson; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan area, including hydrology, hydraulics, storm drainage infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis, and environmental review support.

Cordes Ranch Specific Plan; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Project Manager for the preparation of a Tier 2 Storm Drainage Technical Report for a 1,730 acre future development area west of the City of Tracy. The report included hydrology, hydraulics, proposed drainage infrastructure plan, drainage policies, and phasing requirements.

Whites Creek Basin Management Plan; Reno, Nevada; Washoe County Department of Public Works. Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of a basin management plan for a rapidly developing region located roughly 5 miles south of downtown Reno. The study included evaluations of existing flooding conditions, recommendations for structural flood control measures within the watershed, and the formulation of interim drainage design policies for new development.  Facilitated consensus building workshops as a part of the completion of the basin management plan.