Drainage Reports

Allied Concrete; Phoenix, Arizona; Allied Concrete Company.  Project Manager for HEC 2 and geomorphic analyses of Agua Fria River in support of a levee realignment within an ineffective flow area to increase the allowable size of an overbank sand and gravel operation.

Atlas-Glenex Property Hydrologic Investigation; Pima County, Arizona; Atlas-Glenex Ltd.  Hydrologic studies, floodplain evaluations, and design recommendations pertaining to a proposed 800 acre development, including housing, commercial properties, motels and a golf course.

Broadbent Business Park; Tucson, Arizona; Broadbent Development Co.  Drainage design for 35 acre industrial complex.

Cameron Park Duplexes; El Dorado County, California; TurnKey Properties, LLC; Preparation of a drainage report for a proposed duplex complex located adjacent to a creek. 

Corning Flood Study; Corning, California; Aaron Mount,Marguerite, LLC; Preparation of a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to determine flooding limits and elevations along the Blackburn Moon Drain and Central Drain relevant to a proposed residential subdivision. 

Eucalyptus Drive; American Canyon, California; Harris & Associates for City of American Canyon; Preparation of a drainage report for a proposed street improvement project in the Rio Del Mar area of the City. 

Gateway Center; Tucson, Arizona; Cienega, Ltd.  Project Manager for the preparation of a development feasibility study for a 300 acre commercial/industrial development, including conceptual design for water, sewer, roads, and storm drainage, methane abatement, and flood control and the preparation of cost estimates.

Grace Baptist Church; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Preparation of a storm drainage analysis for a proposed church facility expansion project in an area of the City that experiences local street flooding problems.

Hen Creek Drainage Improvements;Galt, California; Franco Construction and Hal Porter Homes.  Drainage design and processing a Letter of Map Revision through the Federal Emergency Management Agency relevant to flood control improvements along Hen Creek.  Improvements included a large stormwater detention facility, new storm drains, and a channel realignment.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Investigation for New Lodge Facility; Yosemite National Park; National Park Service. Project Manager/Principal for preparation of a drainage study to set drainage design parameters for new Lodge development proposed to replace facility that was damaged during a flood along the Merced River.

Hydrologic Investigation for San Xavier Rock and Materials;Tucson, Arizona; San Xavier Rock and Materials. Hydraulic studies and preparation of a mining and restoration plan for sand and gravel operations within and adjacent to the Santa Cruz River.

James C. Enochs High School; Modesto, California; Modesto City Schools; Prepared a conceptual drainage study to establish basic drainage and flood control design requirements for a proposed high school site located in an area in the northeast quadrant of the City of Modesto subject to periodic sheet flooding. 

North Tucson Business Center; Tucson, Arizona; R J Investments.  Hydraulic evaluation of Santa Cruz River floodplain from Prince Road to El Camino del Cerro, FEMA Map Revision, assessments of historical floodplain changes, and site drainage design for an 80 acre business park.

Sutton Community Park; Modesto, California; Pacific Municipal Consultants for City of Modesto; Prepared a conceptual drainage study for a proposed community park located in the southeast quadrant of the City of Modesto. 

Taft General Plan Update; Taft, California; Pacific Municipal Consultants for City of Taft; Prepared a Storm Drainage Technical Report to support the Hydrology and Water Quality section of the EIR for a General Plan Update currently being undertaken by the City of Taft.

Watershed Study for John Muir National Historic Site; Martinez, California; National Park Service.  Project Manager/Principal for watershed study for the proposed maintenance facility site located on the south side of Franklin Canyon Road.  An evaluation of an existing well was also performed to determine if it might be brought back into service for domestic use.

Westside Service Center; Modesto, California; Pacific Municipal Consultants for City of Modesto; Prepared a conceptual drainage study for a proposed conversion of a portion of an existing park into a municipal services building and parking area.