Conceptual Plans for Public Amenities at Stormwater Detention Sites; Sacramento County Water Resources Division, Sacramento County, California.  Evaluations of conceptual options for the incorporation of recreational facilities and other public amenities as a joint use within and adjacent to stormwater detention facilities.  Facilitated several consensus building workshops.

East Area Storm Drainage Master Plan; Elk Grove, California; Harris & Associates for City of Elk Grove; Project Manager for the preparation of a storm drainage master plan for a roughly 8 square mile area.  Project included reconnaissance, hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, preparation of drainage guidelines, formulation of a storm drainage infrastructure plan, public participation and cost estimates.  

Livingston Storm Drainage Master Plan; Livingston, California; Harris & Associates for the City of Livingston; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan update area (about 12 square miles).  Work included hydrology, hydraulics, establishment of drainage guidelines, storm drainage infrastructure planning, joint-use facility guidelines and presentations, public involvement, and impact fee (AB 1600) analysis.

Nogales Wash Reconnaissance Level Flood Control Study;Nogales, Arizona; Arizona Department of Water Resources. Project requirements included hydrology, hydraulics, flood control design, preliminary bridge design, benefit-cost evaluations and a public presentation.

Storm Drainage Joint-Use Basin Study;Modesto, California; City of Modesto.Project Principal for a Standards and Criteria Manual to assist the City in creating policy regarding the development of joint-use storm water detention/retention systems that incorporate recreation elements. It evaluated joint-use opportunities for existing and proposed park sites as well as linear systems along drainage channels.  In developing the manual, a series of public workshops were held to solicit input from City Staff, elected officials, the development community, and the general public.

Tracy Storm Drainage Master Plan;Tracy, California; City of Tracy;Project Manager for the preparation of the City’s 1994 and 2012 Storm Drainage Master Plans for the Sphere of Influence (approximately 100 square miles). Projects included reconnaissance, hydrology, hydraulics, infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis and environmental review support.

Patterson Storm Drainage Master Plan;Patterson, California;City of Patterson; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan area, including hydrology, hydraulics, storm drainage infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis, and environmental review support.

Westside Flood Control Channel and Delta Outfall; San Joaquin County, California; City of Tracy. Project Manager/Principal for design of a 9 mile system of open channels, greenbelt parkways, trunk line storm drains and detention basins to serve as the storm drainage infrastructure for existing and future urbanization zones within and adjacent to the City of Tracy.  Project has included flood control studies, HEC-1 and  HEC-2 analyses, risk-based analysis, construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, utility coordination, and extensive and long term public information and facilitation program and environmental permitting.

Whites Creek Basin Management Plan;Reno, Nevada; Washoe County Department of Public Works.Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of a basin management plan for a rapidly developing region located roughly 5 miles south of downtown Reno. The plan included evaluations of existing flooding conditions, recommendations for structural flood control measures within the watershed, and the formulation of interim drainage design policies for new development.  Facilitated consensus building workshops as a part of the completion of the basin management plan.