Floodplain Assessments

Alameda Point; Alameda, California; Harris & Associates for City of Alameda; Provided reviews and opinions regarding floodplain and storm drainage issues associated with the proposed redevelopment of a 1,734-acre decommissioned Naval Air Station site on the western tip of Alameda Island.

Bellevue Partners Annexation Property; Merced, California; Bellevue Partners, LLC; Provided consultation, opinions and City liaison activities for floodplain and drainage issues associated with the proposed annexation of several parcels impacted by the floodplain for Fahrens Creek, north of Bellevue Road.

Clover Creek Flood Protection and Environmental Restoration;Redding, California; City of Redding. Project Manager/Principal for the design of a 300 acre-foot detention basin along Clover Creek to provide flood relief and protection to downstream properties previously in the floodplain. The completed facility is a joint-use flood control and recreation project constructed on a vacant 125-acre site surrounded by residential development.  Project amenities include a permanent water feature, seasonal wetlands, grassland savannahs, oak woodlands, and a network of trails and bird watching areas.  Project services also included the design of an arterial street, a collector street, and an offsite storm drain outfall and a FEMA Map Revision for the downstream reach of Clover Creek.

Corning Flood Study; Corning, California; Aaron Mount,Marguerite, LLC; Preparation of a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to determine flooding limits and elevations along the Blackburn Moon Drain and Central Drain relevant to a proposed residential subdivision. 

Fahrens Creek/Black Rascal Creek FEMA Map RevisionMerced, California; O’Dell Engineering; Project Manager for the preparation of a request and acquisition of a Conditional Letter of Map Revision to FEMA pertaining to floodplain and floodway modifications along a 2-mile reach of Fahrens Creek/Black Rascal Creek. Prepared bridge alternative reports for proposed crossings of the creek at Buena Vista Drive and R Street. Prepared a request and acquired a Letter of Map Revision from FEMA after floodplain and floodway modifications were completed.  

Federal Flood Insurance Studies; Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of Federal Flood Insurance Studies for 26 communities and six unincorporated counties under 10 separate contracts.  Studies included reconnaissance, surveys, hydrology, hydraulics, community coordination, and the preparation of Flood Insurance Rate Maps.

Francisco Grande;Casa Grande, Arizona; Careage FEMA Map Revision for a 600 acre development project including resort hotel and golf course; landscaping, preliminary planning and engineering studies.

Hen Creek Drainage Improvements;Galt, California; Franco Construction and Hal Porter Homes Drainage design and processing a Letter of Map Revision through the Federal Emergency Management Agency relevant to flood control improvements along Hen Creek.  Improvements included a large stormwater detention facility, new storm drains, and a channel realignment.

King Ranch;Goodyear, Arizona; Jim King Properties.Project Manager for planning and feasibility studies, road alignments, and floodplain assessments for 1,255 acre development project, including environmental permitting.

North Ranch Sub Basin Management Study;Tucson, Arizona; Southwest Diversified. Project Manager for development of drainage design guidelines for 10 square-mile basin.  The study included recommendations for detention/retention and structural/nonstructural solutions to existing flooding and erosion problems, floodplain management guidelines, and a FEMA Map Revision.

North Tucson Business Center; Tucson, Arizona;R J Investments. Hydraulic evaluation of Santa Cruz River floodplain from Prince Road to El Camino del Cerro, FEMA Map Revision, assessments of historical floodplain changes, and site drainage design for an 80 acre business park.

Salt River Channel Improvements;Phoenix, Arizona; CalMat Properties Co.Project Manager/Principal for design/construction engineering and permitting for gabion installations along 3 mile reach of the Salt River in Central Phoenix. Improvised gabion designs resulted in significant savings in construction costs and withstood a flow of 120,000 cfs shortly after construction.  Also processed a FEMA map revision.