Joint-Use Facilities

Clover Creek Flood Protection and Environmental Restoration; Redding, California; City of Redding. Project Manager/Principal for the design for a 300 acre-foot detention basin along Clover Creek that provides flood relief and protection to downstream properties previously in the floodplain. The facility is a joint-use flood control and recreation project implemented on a vacant 125-acre site surrounded by residential development. Project amenities include a permanent water feature, seasonal wetlands, grassland savannahs, oak woodlands, and a network of trails and bird watching areas. The completed project is a significant community amenity.  Project services also included the design of an arterial street, a collector street, and an offsite storm drain outfall and a FEMA Map Revision.

Conceptual Plans for Public Amenities at Stormwater Detention Sites; Sacramento County Water Resources Division; Sacramento County, California.  Evaluations of conceptual options for the incorporation of recreational facilities and other public amenities as a joint use within and adjacent to stormwater detention facilities.  Facilitated several consensus building workshops.

Detention Basin and Park Design Project No. SS9002;Peoria, AZ; City of Peoria; Design of a 23-acre stormwater detention basin and a 6-acre stormwater detention basin.  These detention basins interact as an integral part of a storm drain outfall trunk line system by providing flow attenuation through storage, allowing cost-effective reductions in storm drain trunk line sizes.  Multi-objective park facilities were integrated into the detention basins via grading and tiering.

Drainage Area G, Updated Watershed Study and Storm Drainage Analysis/Debenedetti Park; Lodi, California; City of Lodi.  Project Manager for an updated hydrologic and hydraulic analysis pertaining to an 878-acre urban watershed in the southwest portion of the City of Lodi. The study included detailed watershed and sub-basin evaluations using HEC-1 (2-, 10-, and 100-year 48-hour storm events), determination of HGLs for the main trunk line storm drain system and laterals, reservoir routing through G Basin (the terminal detention facility with a required storage volume of 202 acre-feet), recommendations to improve the functional capacity of the storm drainage system, and general recommendations pertaining to the potential future integration of recreational facilities into G-Basin.  Performed subsequent engineering and joint-use tiering design for Debenedetti Park, a 50-acre park within G-Basin.

Humbug-Willow Creek Trail, Folsom Parkway Rail Trail Projects;Folsom, CA; City of Folsom; Project Engineer for the design of 4.5 miles of bicycle/pedestrian trails for the City of Folsom to fill in the “missing links” in the City’s existing trail system. The Humbug-Willow Creek portion of the project totals 2.5 miles and consists of a 10-foot wide asphalt trail that meanders adjacent to the creeks, preserving existing trees wherever possible. The Folsom Parkway Rail Trail portion of the project totals approximately 2 miles and runs parallel to the new light rail facility along the east side of Folsom Boulevard.

Indian School Park;Scottsdale, Arizona; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Hydraulic design for regional linear park system located within the Indian Bend Wash floodplain.  The completed project won several awards from the Corps of Engineers and others for design excellence.

Livingston Storm Drainage Master Plan; Livingston, California; Harris & Associates for the City of Livingston; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan update area (about 12 square miles).  Work included hydrology, hydraulics, establishment of drainage guidelines, storm drainage infrastructure planning, joint-use facility guidelines and presentations, public involvement, and impact fee (AB 1600) analysis.

Manual of Standards for Design of Joint-Use Stormwater Detention Facilities; Sacramento County, California; Sacramento County Water Resources Division.  Project Manager/Principal for preparation of a standards manual pertaining to the incorporation of recreation and water quality elements as a joint-use within stormwater detention facilities.  Facilitated several agency workshops and consensus building sessions. The completed document comprises Volume IV of the overall City/County drainage manual.

Rio Nuevo Redevelopment Project;Tucson, Arizona; Downtown Development Corporation.  Project Manager responsible for flood control design along a 1-mile reach of the Santa Cruz River. Two miles of bank protection were integrated in a riverpark design. Recommendations made to reinforce and enhance capacity of Congress Street and St. Mary’s Road bridge crossings. The completed bank protection withstood a 200 year flood event.

Rio Salado Pilot Project;Phoenix, Arizona; CalMat Properties Company. Preparation of studies for proposed riverpark design along the Salt River in central Phoenix.

Stock Ranch EIR; Citrus Heights, California; Pacific Municipal Consultants.  Project Manager/Principal for preparation of a technical memorandum and review of the storm drainage component of the EIR concerning linear greenbelt, stormwater detention basin, and storm drainage conveyance issues along Arcade Creek.  Presentation to City staff regarding the possible integration of joint-use elements into a regional detention basin.

Storm Drainage Joint-Use Basin Manual;Modesto, California; City of Modesto. Project Principal for a Standards and Criteria Manual to assist the City in creating policy regarding the development of joint-use storm water detention/retention systems that incorporate recreation elements. The manual evaluated joint-use opportunities for existing and proposed park sites as well as linear systems along drainage channels. In developing the manual, a series of public workshops were held to solicit input from City Staff, elected officials, the development community, and the general public.

Tracy Westside Channel;Tracy, California; City of Tracy. Project Manager/Principal for hydraulic studies and the preparation of construction drawings for the Westside Channel, a 3.5 mile-long, landscaped drainage infrastructure component comprised of Phases III and IV of the City’s Storm Drainage Implementation Program.  Landscaping, riprap stabilization, retaining walls, bike paths, a 20 acre joint-use detention basin and a three-phase pump station were integrated into the flood control design. Construction support was also provided.

Ulatis Creekwalk/Andrews Park Improvements;Vacaville, California; City of Vacaville Public Works Department. Project Principal for creekside linear park improvement project in downtown Vacaville.  Project included preparation of plans, specifications and cost estimates, environmental review and permitting.  Project features included pedestrian bridges, retaining walls, concrete walkways, urban plazas, fountains, kiosks, picnic areas and parking facilities.

Westside Flood Control Channel and Delta Outfall; San Joaquin County, California; City of Tracy.  Project Manager/Principal for design of a 9 mile system of open channels, greenbelt parkways, trunk line storm drains and detention basins to serve as the storm drainage infrastructure for existing and future urbanization zones within and adjacent to the City of Tracy.  Project has included flood control studies, HEC-1 and HEC-2 analyses, risk-based analysis, construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, utility coordination, public facilitation and environmental permitting.