Storm Drainage/Flood Control Design

Westside Flood Control Channel and Delta Outfall; San Joaquin County, California; City of Tracy. Project Manager/Principal for design of a 9 mile system of open channels, greenbelt parkways, trunk line storm drains and detention basins to serve as the storm drainage infrastructure for existing and future urbanization zones within and adjacent to the City of Tracy.  Project included flood control studies, HEC-1 and HEC 2 analyses, risk-based analysis, construction drawings, specifications, cost estimates, utility coordination, public facilitation, environmental permitting, and engineering support during construction.

Eucalyptus Drive; American Canyon, California; Harris & Associates for City of American Canyon; Preparation of a drainage report for a proposed street improvement project in the Rio Del Mar area of the City. 

Debenedetti Park; Lodi, California; City of Lodi. Project Engineer for the engineering and joint-use tiering design for Debenedetti Park, a 50-acre park within a 202 acre-foot detention basin.

Norris Canyon Estates; Contra Costa County, California; ECORP Consulting, Inc. and Toll Brothers, Inc.; Preparation of construction drawings for proposed culvert extensions and erosion control improvements along two tributaries to San Catanio Creek. 

Mission Road Interchange; Merced, California; O’Dell Engineering; Assisted in the review of the drainage design associated with a new freeway interchange along Highway 99 in the south area of the City of Merced. 

Eleventh Street Bridge Replacement Project; Tracy, California; O’City of Tracy; Preparation of a hydrologic and hydraulic evaluation for the sizing of proposed storm drain crossings underneath significant proposed embankment fills associated with a new bridge crossing of several UPTC railroad tracks, including allowances for future settlement. 

MacArthur Drive Reconstruction and Utility Improvements; Tracy, California; City of Tracy. Project Manager/Principal for plans, special provisions and cost estimates for a retrofitting design project involving roadway reconstruction, 48 inch storm drain outfall, 12 inch waterline extension, several railroad crossings,  utility coordination, and engineering support during construction.

Kingman-Hoover Dam Highway; Mohave County, Arizona; Arizona Department of Transportation. Drainage design for a 6 mile segment of state highway in the northwestern portion of the State of Arizona, including hydraulic design of several drainage crossings.

Rio Nuevo Redevelopment Project; Tucson, Arizona; Downtown Development Corporation. Project Manager responsible for flood control design along a 1-mile reach of the Santa Cruz River. Two miles of bank protection were integrated in a riverpark design. Recommendations made to reinforce and enhance capacity of Congress Street and St. Mary’s Road bridge crossings. The completed bank protection withstood a 200 year flood event.

Salt River Channel Improvements; Phoenix, Arizona; CalMat Properties Co.  Project Manager/Principal for design/construction engineering and permitting for gabion installations along 3 mile reach of the Salt river in Central Phoenix. Improvised gabion designs resulted in significant savings in construction costs and withstood a flow of 120,000 cfs shortly after construction.  FEMA map revision.

Tracy Westside Channel; Tracy, California; City of Tracy.  Project Manager/Principal for hydraulic studies and the preparation of construction drawings for the Westside Channel, a 3.5 mile-long, landscaped drainage infrastructure component comprised of Phases III and IV of the City’s Storm Drainage Implementation Program.  Landscaping, riprap stabilization, retaining walls, bike paths, a 20 acre joint-use detention basin and a three-phase pump station were integrated into the flood control design.  Construction support was also provided.

Clover Creek Flood Protection and Environmental Restoration; Redding, California; City of Redding. Project Manager/Principal for the design and construction support pertaining to a 300 acre-foot detention basin along Clover Creek that provides flood relief and protection to downstream properties previously in the floodplain. The facility is a joint-use flood control and recreation project implemented on a vacant 125-acre site surrounded by residential development. Project amenities include a permanent water feature, seasonal wetlands, grassland savannahs, oak woodlands, and a network of trails and bird watching areas. The completed project is a significant community amenity. Project services also included the design of an arterial street, a collector street, and an offsite storm drain outfall and a FEMA Map Revision.

Calaveras River Pedestrian Bridge; Stockton, California; Barnett-Range Corporation. Provided the design of a pedestrian bridge crossing of the Calaveras River at the confluence with the Stockton Diverting Canal.  Requirements included a Section 404 permit, water quality certification and a streambed alteration agreement.

Bond Road Realignment; Elk Grove, California; Harris & Associates for the City of Elk Grove; Performed a hydraulic design analysis to size a new drainage crossing using HEC-2. 

Gila River Flood Control Levee; Goodyear, Arizona; King Ranch Enterprises.  Preparation of studies, construction plans and specifications for a 0.5 mile riprap flood control levee along the south bank of the Gila River southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. The levee considered Corps of Engineers’ levee design guidelines and was constructed for flood control purposes. The design included the acquisition of a Section 404 permit from the Corps of Engineers relevant to wetlands issues associated with a fill material discharge.  An additional 3 mile reach of the Gila River was evaluated for flood control levees, bank stabilization, overbank filling, and excavation of a pilot channel.

Orr Road Outfall; Galt, California; Heartland Properties. Design of a 48 inch outfall to Hen Creek.

Bay Bridge Temporary Bypass Structure; Alameda County, California; Imbsen Associates; Provided QC review of bridge deck drainage system and pavement spread calculations prepared by firm designing a temporary structure that will facilitate construction of a new segment of the Bay Bridge. 

Civic Center Storm Drain Outfall; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Prepared hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, construction drawings and specifications for a storm drain outfall to serve the City’s Civic Center expansion project.   

Bell Road – 99th Avenue to New River; Peoria and Maricopa County, Arizona; Maricopa County Highway Department. Project Manager for the design of a 2 mile segment of six-lane arterial street.  Project included extensive utility and right-of-way studies, hydraulic/storm drain design, and enclosure of a large drainage channel.

Congress Street Improvement District; Tucson, Arizona; City of Tucson. Drainage design for six-lane urban arterial street.

Craycroft Road Improvement District; Tucson, Arizona; City of Tucson. Drainage design for the improvement of a 1 mile section of an arterial street in the Tucson area, including a major trunk line storm sewer design and a drainage crossing of Arcadia Wash.

Kolb Road Corridor I-10 to Valencia Road; Pima County, Arizona; Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District.  Drainage design for a four-lane divided highway, including regional stormwater detention facility and outlet structure and channelization of a 1.5 mile reach of the Julian Wash.

La Cañada Drive; Pima County, Arizona; Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood control District.  Project Manager for 1 mile roadway improvement project and design of flood control features associated with bridge crossing of Cañada del Oro Wash.

Pantano Wash Flood Control Channel; Tucson, Arizona; Cienega, Ltd.. Project Manager for hydraulic analysis, sediment transport studies and preparation of construction drawings for 1 mile channelization and bank protection project in the east metropolitan area of Tucson.  Project included processing of a 404 Permit through the Corps of Engineers.

Sunrise Drive Bridge Location Report; Pima County, Arizona; Cienega, Ltd. Based on hydraulic analyses and traffic projections, recommended the design components of major bridge crossings of the Ventana Canyon and Esperero Canyon Washes and prepared the design plans for the bridges and attendant bank protection.