Storm Drainage/Flood Control Master Planning

Tracy Storm Drainage Master Plan; Tracy Storm Drainage Master Plan; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Project Manager for the preparation of the City’s 1994 and 2012 Storm Drainage Master Plans for the Sphere of Influence (approximately 100 square miles). Projects included reconnaissance, hydrology, hydraulics, infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis and environmental review support.

Patterson Storm Drainage Master Plan; Patterson Storm Drainage Master Plan; Patterson, California; City of Patterson; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan area, including hydrology, hydraulics, storm drainage infrastructure planning, public facilitation, cost estimating, impact fee analysis, and environmental review support.

Cordes Ranch Specific Plan; Cordes Ranch Specific Plan; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Project Manager for the preparation of a Tier 2 Storm Drainage Technical Report for a 1,730 acre future development area west of the City of Tracy. The report included hydrology, hydraulics, proposed drainage infrastructure plan, drainage policies, and phasing requirements.

East Area Storm Drainage Master Plan; Elk Grove, California; Harris & Associates for City of Elk Grove; Project Manager for the preparation of a storm drainage master plan for a roughly 8 square mile area.  Project included reconnaissance, hydrologic analysis, hydraulic analysis, preparation of drainage guidelines, formulation of a storm drainage infrastructure plan, public participation and cost estimates.   

Modesto Storm Drainage Master Plan and Engineer’s Report; Modesto, CA; City of Modesto. Project Manager/Consultant for preparation of a storm drainage master plan, including hydrology, hydraulics, GIS applications, CIP infrastructure planning and cost estimates. Project Manager for the preparation of the Engineer’s Report for the Justification and Cost Allocation for the Storm Drainage Utility Rate and Connection Fee Analysis.

Merced Storm Drain Master Plan; Merced, CA; City of Merced.  Project Manager for a Storm Drain Master Plan for the City’s Specific Urban Development Plan area comprising about 30 square miles.  Project components included reconnaissance and base mapping, hydrologic modeling and storm drain infrastructure master planning, a prototype storm drain infrastructure plan, cost estimates, a phasing analysis and CIP listings. Presentations of master plan components and drainage requirements were made to the City Council at the completion of the prototype infrastructure plan and the final master plan.

Livingston Storm Drainage Master Plan; Livingston, California; Harris & Associates for the City of Livingston; Project Manager for the preparation of a Storm Drainage Master Plan for the City’s General Plan update area (about 12 square miles).  Work included hydrology, hydraulics, establishment of drainage guidelines, storm drainage infrastructure planning, joint-use facility guidelines and presentations, public involvement, and impact fee (AB 1600) analysis. 

Moraga Storm Drainage Needs Study; Moraga, California; Harris & Associates for Town of Moraga; Preparation of a storm drainage study to determine infrastructure upgrades needed along the Town’s major creeks, upgrade costs, and impact fees (AB 1600 analysis) to be assessed for future development projects. 

Williams Storm Drainage Master Plan; Williams, California; Dillon & Murphy for City of Williams; Preparation of a storm drainage master plan for roughly a 10 square mile area characterized by flat gradients and high groundwater levels. Work included reconnaissance, hydrology, hydraulics, formulation of a storm drainage infrastructure plan, costs estimates, and impact fee (AB 1600) analysis.

Zone 11A Drainage Fee; Elk Grove, California; Harris & Associates for City of Elk Grove; Assisted the City of Elk Grove in negotiations with Sacramento County to transfer responsibility for collecting and administering drainage impact fees from the County to the City. 

Alameda Point; Alameda, California; Harris & Associates for City of Alameda; Provided reviews and opinions regarding floodplain and storm drainage issues associated with the proposed redevelopment of a 1,734-acre decommissioned Naval Air Station site on the western tip of Alameda Island.

NEI Updated Storm Drainage Analysis; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Preparation of an updated storm drainage analysis and master plan for the City’s Northeast Industrial Area planning area.

South ISP Updated Storm Drainage Analysis; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Preparation of an updated storm drainage analysis and master plan, impact fee analysis, and AB 1600 findings for the City’s South ISP planning area.

Downtown Specific Plan Storm Drainage Analysis; Tracy, California; City of Tracy; Preparation of a storm drainage analysis and master plan, impact fee analysis, and AB 1600 findings for the City’s Downtown SP planning area.

Drainage Area G, Updated Watershed Study and Storm Drainage Analysis/Debenedetti Park; Lodi, California; City of Lodi. Project Manager for an updated hydrologic and hydraulic analysis pertaining to an 878-acre urban watershed in the southwest portion of the City of Lodi. The study included detailed watershed and sub-basin evaluations using HEC-1 (2-, 10-, and 100-year 48-hour storm events), determination of HGLs for the main trunk line storm drain system and laterals, reservoir routing through G Basin (the terminal detention facility with a required storage volume of 202 acre-feet), recommendations to improve the functional capacity of the storm drainage system, and general recommendations pertaining to the potential future integration of recreational facilities into G-Basin.  Performed subsequent engineering and joint-use tiering design for Debenedetti Park, a 50-acre park within G-Basin.

Hilmar Storm Drainage Master Planning; Merced County, California; J. B. Anderson Planning; Provided storm drainage analyses, agency coordination, and preliminary storm drainage master planning to support a proposed Community Plan Update for the Hilmar community located south of Turlock. 

Larch Clover Pre-Annexation Feasibility Study; San Joaquin County, California; City of Tracy. Project Principal for a study of the potential annexation of approximately 300 acres of commercially-planned property situated along I-205 adjacent to the Tracy regional mall. The study included an examination of services and infrastructure currently being provided under the jurisdiction of San Joaquin County along with any upgrades necessary for the City of Tracy to serve the property.  Subsequently, the infrastructure requirements needed to serve the annexation area at full build-out were determined (streets, water, sanitary sewer, and storm drainage).

North Lakeport Stormwater Plan; Lake County, CA; Lake County; Quality Control for the preparation of a storm drainage master plan for the North Lakeport area of Lake County.  Responsibilities included team quality control and quality assurance activities.

Storm Drainage Fee Justification Studies; Tracy, California; City of Tracy. Project Manager for the preparation of storm drainage analyses and fee justification studies for a number of new development and annexation planning areas in the sphere of influence for the City of Tracy. These studies have included hydrologic and hydraulic investigations, determination of storm drainage infrastructure requirements, infrastructure cost estimating, calculation of drainage fees and reimbursements, and analysis of compliance requirements associated with the Mitigation Fee Act (Government Code Section 66000, et. seq.). Planning areas for which such studies have been completed or are in process include:

• Plan “C”
• Northeast Industrial Area
• South MacArthur Sub-basin
• Presidio
• South ISP
• Tracy Gateway
• Ellis Program Sub-basin
• Infill Properties
• Keenan
• Westside Residential
• NW WSO Sub-basin
• Larch Clover
• East Side Industrial
• Chrisman & East UR1
• Mountain House Watershed
• Lammers Watershed
• Kagehiro
• West larch Clover
• Downtown Specific Plan Area (420 acres)

Tracy Eastside Channel; Tracy, California; City of Tracy.  Project Manager/Principal; HEC-1 hydrologic investigation of Eastside Channel watershed contributing to Sugar Cut Outfall, HEC-2 hydraulic analysis of existing channel from Sugar Cut Outfall to 11th Street, flood control alternatives evaluation, detention basin hydraulic study, storm drain outfall design, and design of the channel segment comprising Phase V of the City’s Storm Drainage Implementation Program.

Yosemite Flood Hazard Analysis; Yosemite National Park, California; National Park Service. Project Manager for a flood hazard analysis of the Merced River and Tenaya Creek to assist the National Park Service with the abandonment, relocation, and addition of campground areas serving Yosemite National Park in response to a major flooding event. Analysis included estimation of 2 , 10 , 25 , and 100 year discharges; HEC 2 evaluations of flooding conditions for each of these events; identification of depth zones, velocity zones, and flood limits; and relevant recommendations.

Hercules Expanded Sphere of Influence Infrastructure Study; Hercules, California; City of Hercules. Project Manager for technical analyses pertaining to the preparation of facility master plans for storm drainage, sewer and streets, including coordination with East Bay MUD to evaluate water infrastructure needs, to serve a proposed 750 acre annexation area.  Services included providing infrastructure needs assessments, constraints evaluations and cost estimates for the proposed infrastructure improvements.

Big Bend State Park Recreation Area; Laughlin, Nevada; Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Watershed hydrology, drainage, soil stability, erosion/sedimentation analysis, wetland assessment, park planning and 404 permit processing relevant to a 300-acre regional recreation area along the Colorado River.

BLM Section 30; Bullhead City, Arizona; City of Bullhead City. Flood control study and Phase I master plan for a 300 acre regional park adjacent to the Colorado River.

CDO Bridge Location Study; Pima County, Arizona; Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District.  Flood control study for 10 mile reach, hydraulics, sediment transport and preliminary design for two arterial bridge crossings.

Engineering Study of Window Rock, T.I.; Lupton, Arizona; Arizona Department of Transportation. Alternative design study to examine possible solutions to flooding problems at a major traffic interchange along I-40. Solutions proposed included drainage conduits, sediment basins, detention/retention basins, and open channels.

Estrella Freeway; Phoenix, Arizona; Arizona Department of Transportation. Task Leader responsible for coordinating the hydrology work effort to determine right-of-way requirements for future construction of a 37 mile freeway facility.  Project consisted of reconnaissance phase, location study phase and preliminary design phase of 37 mile corridor.

Gardner Lane Area Flood Control Study; Tucson, Arizona; City of Tucson. Project Manager for a flood control study that proposed alternative solutions to flooding within an approximately 400 acre area in northwest Tucson.  Evaluations included hydrology, hydraulics, detention basin analysis, drainage design and cost estimates.

Houghton East Basin Management Study; Tucson, Arizona; Cienega, Ltd.. Project Manager for a basin management study for a two square-mile area in east Tucson.

Laveen Area Drainage Master Study (ADMS); Phoenix, Arizona; Flood Control District of Maricopa County. Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of Phase I of an ADMS for a 50 square-mile area in South Phoenix, including topographic mapping, watershed hydrology, and floodplain delineations.

Navajo-Kendrick Drainage Project; City of Flagstaff; Flagstaff, Arizona. Preparation of a drainage study and construction drawings for storm sewer improvements to relieve flooding in an area of downtown Flagstaff subject to extensive runoff and resultant ponding due to inadequate drainage facilities.

Nogales Wash Reconnaissance Level Flood Control Study; Nogales, Arizona; Arizona Department of Water Resources. Project requirements included hydrology, hydraulics, flood control design, preliminary bridge design, benefit-cost evaluations and a public presentation.

North Ranch Sub Basin Management Study; Tucson, Arizona; Southwest Diversified. Project Manager for development of drainage design guidelines for 10 square-mile basin.  The study included recommendations for detention/retention and structural/nonstructural solutions to existing flooding and erosion problems, floodplain management guidelines, and a FEMA Map Revision.

Pine Creek Stability Analyses; Lassen County, California; U.S. Forest Service and Jones and Stokes Associates. Preparation of a study to address channel geomorphology and provide remedial recommendations for a 13 mile disturbed reach of Pine Creek, the primary tributary system draining to Eagle Lake. Study examined the effects of several man-made features upon channel stability, including highway crossings, railroad crossings, diversion channels and levees, county roads, and abandoned railroad grades. These effects were measured against evaluations of the natural stream geomorphology and fish migration/spawning requirements to allow for the development of recommendations to improve the functional status of the Pine Creek watershed.

Rancho Vistoso; Pima County, Arizona; John Ratliff.  Project Hydraulic Engineer for hydraulic and sediment transport studies evaluating flood flows along a 3 mile reach of Big Wash upstream of the confluence with the Cañada Del Oro Wash, including allowable floodplain encroachments.

Sierra Vista Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis and Drainage Design Manual; Sierra Vista, Arizona; City of Sierra Vista.  Project Manager; 25 year, 50 year, and 100 year discharge determination, hydraulic evaluation of major flooding sources, and preparation of a drainage design manual for adoption by the City.

Verde River Flood Control Study; Clarkdale, Arizona; Arizona Department of Water Resources. Reconnaissance level study for proposed construction of a flood control dam in the Verde River Basin. Study included flood routing, conceptual dam design, hydrology, hydraulics, and cost analysis.

Whites Creek Basin Management Plan; Reno, Nevada; Washoe County Department of Public Works. Project Manager/Principal for the preparation of a basin management plan for a rapidly developing region located roughly 5 miles south of downtown Reno. The study included evaluations of existing flooding conditions, recommendations for structural flood control measures within the watershed, and the formulation of interim drainage design policies for new development. Facilitated consensus building workshops as a part of the completion of the basin management plan.